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  • 7-1-20
    AKMD back online after a long break :)


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Aaron held an Online Charity concert for Mother's Day to raise money for Hong Kong dancers and backstage personnels unemployed by the Coronavirus pandemic. It was a huge sucess, garnering millions of views from world-wide chinese Internert viewers, and raised millions of HKD for the cause. As Aaron's mother recently passed away in February of this year, Aaron was teary-eyed, looking up the skies as he sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" rendition dedicated to his mom.

  • Mother's Day Coronavirus Online Charity Concert
  • Aaron's mother passed away
  • "I'm Living It" nominated for Hong Kong Awards, including "Best Actor" for Aaron
  • Aaron's US concert tour 2019




Aaron performing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" at Mohegan Sun concert, February 8, 2020. Aaron's mother passed away February 7, the day before. Yet, he was professional so that we had no idea of his great loss...



"I'm Living It" co-starring Miriam Yeung was nominated for a number of awards for the Hong Kong Film Awards 2020. Aaron was once again nominated for "Best Actor". The film tells the story of a once-successful businessman down on his luck ending up in homelessness. The movie also contain a new song, "Star Dust," by Peter Kim, the composer who sucessfully penned the beloved soundtrack to the 2000 box office hit, "Para Para Sakura".


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