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Aaron Kwok News - AK @ Berlin International Film Festival 2009

Aaron Kwok's  "The Silver Valley" was one of the 13 Berlinale Specials in this year's Berlin International Film Festival. Half way through the festival, guest visitors have exceeded last year's number, making this year being the year with the most visitors ever in the Berlinale's 59 year history.  Hong Kong kings, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai faced off again on cinema in the Berlinale.  Yes, Leon was there on the 11th for the screening of his movie, "Forever Enthralled" (Meilan Feng), one of the films in competition at the festival.  Those of us who are used to see these pretty men will get to see their "ugly" sides in these movies.  Aaron shaved his head bald for the role in "Silver Valley" and Leon painted his face being an opera singer in Forever Enthralled.  FE also stars Zhang Ziyi.  A whole stellar of Hong Kong superstars presented, no wonder this year's Berlinale breaks record!

After the screenings of "Silver Empire," Longines, the watch brand that Aaron endorses, threw a party "to congratulate Aaron Kwok on his new exciting movie and to sponsor the after film Party in Berlin by presenting him the brandís latest watchmaking achievement: The Longines Master Collection Retrograde watch, which summarizes the brandís legendary watchmaking development since the Qing Dynasty."

  • Yahoo news on Aaron at the Berlinale: talks about Aaron's view on love (it's not his priority - as he's always said), and talks about competition between two kings, Aaron and Leon at the Berlinale (*yawn* shouldn't we all be grown by now?)

  • Longines Press Release regarding the celebration party

    Aaron and crews at the Berlinale

    Aaron surrounded by reporters

    Asian fans attended the premiere of "Silver Valley" - Aaron was surprised to see so many fans attended the screening.  He said he did not think there were that many Chinese fans in Germany.
    A foreign fan holds up a sign asking for a ticket - it's reported that tickets were sold out quickly and many were left empty-handed.
    Aaron signs autograph for a foreign fan
    At the celebration party held by Longines
    Guess which brand is that watch he holds?
    Aaron prepares to leave HK airport for Berlin
    Touring the Berlinale


    Aaron's film "The Silver Empire"

    Leon's film, "Forever Enthralled"



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