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       God VS Idol    

What went through your mind when you read these headlines?  And they're real headlines!

  • "Fan sells house to see Andy Lau's concert"

  • "Fan suicide because of debt incurred as a result of money spent on her Leon's obsession".

  • "Fan cut finger sending to Leon to show her love"


God teaches Idolizing is WRONG

1st commandment says: You may not love anyone or anything more than you love God..

2nd commandment says: you may not worship, or put more importance on any person or thing, other than God.  You must worship only the Lord, not your parents, not a friend, not a movie star or sports hero, not a car or boat or skate-board.  Nothing.

As a person who has seen miracles from God and believe in God, I feel I have to lead you all to the right path with God.  You have come to this page because you like Aaron Kwok.  Some of you just like him for whatever reason.  Others have let this admiration go too far to become an obsession.  And yet others could be on the path to obsession with other pop stars.  The followings are my suggestions and I hope they would be of help to you. 


Controlling Your Idolization

If you are to follow God's teaching 100%, you should try to get rid of idolization altogether.  I believe you are not idolizing a star if all you do is watch their movies, concerts, and listen to their music.  You are idolizing them if you start to spend a lot of time on them, a lot of money on them, follow them everywhere, and they become your only joy and love.  If you find yourself doing these compulsive behaviors, you need to control yourself and I urge you to pray to God for his guidance.  You can pray something like, "God, please help me to find you and help me to let go of this bad habit of idolization, which I know is bad for me.  Please help me find self-control".  I believe it doesn't matter what religion you are, there is only one God.  I am a Buddhist and I prayed to God and found my answers, so I believe you can pray to him too. 

But if you can't let go of idolization at once, you can do it slowly by controlling it. But keep praying and before you know it, you're going to be rid of your destructive obsession.

  • Time: No more than one hour should be spent on finding out news, pictures, videos, etc... of your favorite star

  • Hobby: find other hobbies to keep you interested.  You have a problem if your favorite star is your only hobby.  In this case, please seek help with a friend, psychologist, or someone you trust.  Talk it out, don't be afraid.

  • Money: spend only what you can afford. For example, if you have $100 dollars and you need it for school, clothes, foods, etc...spend it on what you need first, then the leftover you can use to collect items of your favorite star.  I'd say only 5-10 % of your money should be spent on your favorite star. 

  • Relationships: PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE THE GUYS OUT THERE TO YOUR FAVORITE STAR.  Stars have money, make-ups, and technology to make them look good.  They also have money and resources and have a good life with much less stress than us, so they stay young and good-looking.  But please, don't expect your boyfriend to look like them or smart like them.  What you should look for most in a boyfriend/girlfriend is their personality and whether they love and support you.  And if your spouse/partner or family is opposed to your obsession, please try to not protest them.  You know they just want what is good for you.  And why should you let your obsession for someone who you don't know and who does not care about you to damage your real valuable relationships with those around you who care and love you?

  • Perfection: PLEASE DO NOT THINK YOUR FAVORITE STARS ARE PERFECT!  THEY ARE NOT!  ONLY GOD IS PERFECT!  You do not know them personally so there is no way you can tell if they are good people.  When they do charities, some do it because they wanted to help, some do it out of societal responsibility, some do it because they want to make themselves look good and promote themselves.  Stars are humans too, so they also love, hate, socialize, have the good sides and the bad sides like all of us. 

  • Stalking: Please do not stalk the stars.  Cut a class during an exam day to see a star because you heard he/she came to your area for a function is WRONG.  Catching their sight once in a while is okay, but do not make a habit that you have to follow them everywhere all over the world - from Asia to America.  And any star that likes this from their fans is not a good star.  A good superstar must discourage such negative obsessive behavior from their fans. They don't have to be mean about it but say the discouragement nicely. 

  • Possession: Stars are human who needs love just like everyone of us. They are not our possession nor are they our boyfriend/girlfriend.   Please try to be understanding and accepting and let them know that they deserve to have a normal relationship and love.  You can show this to them by telling them you will support them even if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend.  You may not like their choice of partner and you can say why you don't like that person, but don't threaten to stop supporting them just because they have a partner.  You know your favorite star is not your boyfriend/girlfriend.  He/she does not belong to you.   Please accept this fact so that you don't become "heart-broken" when they find a partner. 


Why do you want to follow God’s teaching?

     If you are a Christian, you will believe it’s necessary to follow God’s will/words to earn your salvation.  If you are a Buddhist, Buddha also teaches "desire is the source of all pains and sorrows".  If you do not believe in God, the suggestions will still help your life more balanced.  You may not think your obsession is harmful, but try to look deep and ask yourself honestly whether your obsession is affecting your life negatively in some ways.  If you find that it does affect you negatively, then you need to control it or get rid of it altogether.

For those who don’t believe in God, please start praying to find him now because we may be running out of time.  And should you question if God is real, I’ll tell you GOD IS REAL.   I was a person raised in America and was once a person who only believes in Science and no God.  But things happened in my life.  I tried to look for answers through psychics and the psychics do see things before they happened to me.  Why do psychics saw things before they happened?  Science cannot explain this.  Science will always try to turn things around and make something they do not believe in seem unreal and stupid.  But after all that I have got to experience with psychics, no science can try to convince me it’s only “trick of the mind”.  So if psychics can see beforehand the things that were going to happen in my life, then there must be more to life than what we see in feel everyday.  Science cannot explain psychic and thus it cannot prove God.  But I know GOD IS REAL because when I prayed for him with my sincere heart, HE ANSWERED MY QUESTION AND HELPED ME THROUGH MY HARDEST TIMES. 


Psychic is real, but do not get involved!

Although psychic is real, PLEASE DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH PSYCHICS!  Most of them (95%) only out there to deceive you and get your money.  I was the victim.  They have lied to me, telling me things only to make me happy, tried to beat around the bushes to take more time to get more money, they have scared me, and they have made me very confused.  Only a few are true psychics who really see things and tell you what they really see.  Although my trusted psychics have seen accurate predictions, they still confused me many times and I was disappointed a few times because they told me things that are much better than what actually happened.  Still, I thanked them for giving me confidence to face obstacles when I was down, and because of them, I believe there are spirits and therefore, GOD.  I sought out psychics to find my answers but I was led to God.  You can consider I am lucky.  Others can be led so strayed that they never find God, instead, they become one of them evil psychics who deceive people trying to get their money.  Or worst, they can get involved with Black magic (ie: spells).  I am truly lucky and thankful I have strong protections that I found my way back.  But, now, I am God's follower, and because God had helped me during my down time, therefore, now I must do what God tells me to do.  And God says “DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH PSYCHICS, FORTUNE-TELLING, ASTROLOGY, AND ANY FORM OF DIVINATION AND SPIRITISM” I do hope that my trusted psychics are truly good psychics but if they’re not, hope they find God one day…


Why are my suggestions credible?

Please note the above are my suggestions, not God’s words, but my suggestions are to help you to not let your idolization become a problem in your life.  I feel I am qualified to tell you these suggestions because I HAVE BEEN THERE IN YOUR PATH SO I KNOW.  Aaron Kwok was once the central of my life.  I loved him since I was 12 years old (it’s been 13 years now).  I viewed him as an idol, an image of “perfection”.  I put him on the pedestal where to me, he was beautiful inside and out.  Every guy I met, I compared them to Aaron and you bet – no one could take his place so I was not interested in anyone!  Even after I met the love of my life, I still have problem with him due to my Aaron's obsession.  Effort wise, I spent a lot of time working on AK's web sites and following on his news.  I spent a lot of money to collect his things.  In fact, my first job when I was 15 was to have money to collect his things.  Back then when I did not have God in my life, I didn’t think what I was doing was wrong.  I just thought it was a hobby that went too far but harmless.  But now I realize my obsession with Aaron has interfered with my relationships and somewhat my life.  I lost self-control when I was obsessed about him.

However, I must also mention that my Aaron's addiction is not all negative because as I said before, I started my first job at 15 was because I wanted to have money to collect his things.  And I sometimes look up to Aaron's accomplishments, fearless energy, and work dedication to motivate me to try something I was afraid of doing.  And doing his web sites is fun as I learned how to create many things and it keep my creative juices going. 

Yet, now that I am following on God’s path, I know that my idolization is wrong regardless of what positives it brought.  God says it's wrong then it's wrong.  Every law that God put forth is not to restrict us but for our own goods.  We may not understand why God forbid a certain things, but if we do the things he tells us not to do, we would get into trouble. God does not create troubles for you.  His laws are there to protect you.  He knows certain things will cause you problems so he told you not to do them to keep you away from harm, but if you don't listen to him, then you will get in trouble due to your own choosing.  

So because God says idolization is wrong, I know I should shut this site down for good.  But I have spent so much effort on it; I don’t want to just discard it.  So I’ll keep it, but at the same time I want to use it to help you guys to find God.   I still want to love Aaron because he’s my entertainment, but now I only love him as an entertainer.  He’s no longer “perfect” and he really isn’t!  No one is, only God is perfect!  But I still admire Aaron for his work dedication and talents.  I have some doubts about his personalities, but I still believe Aaron is a nice guy as I saw him doing many charities and even have his own charity foundation.  Recently, he's  also  said one of his wish for the later half of his life is to spend more time and effort on helping the old and sick.  I hope he means what he says and not saying it just to make people think he’s nice. 

As for all of you, I hope you guys will continue to support Aaron but that you will also control yourself so that you don't "idolize" Aaron.  We can continue to watch his movies, listen to his music, and attend his concerts, but we should try not to love him like he's "perfect" or like a boyfriend or let our love for him turn into obsession that interferes with our lives.  And I hope you all find God, who really is in all of us.  All we need to do is call out to him with a sincere heart.


Question of the day:

Lastly, I have this question for you and the stars to ponder, and let's try answering it from the spiritual perspective: 

Why most stars are not happy and lonely even though they have fame and fortune?  

Materialistically, they are fulfilled, but most never have satisfying relationships.  Why?  Just look at them.  How many of them have stable relationships?  How often do you read about stars being treated for depression or drug abuse? Why do the biggest stars kill themselves (example: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Leslie Cheung)? And did it ever make you wonder why a megastar like Britney Spears, who seemed to have everything, also suffered repeated abandonment and was used by her husband, K-Fed? It does not matter what is the cause of their unhappiness, many stars are unhappy regardless of the fame and fortune they have. 

Looking things from a spiritual point of view based on the law of karma, I am supposing that they are lonely and unhappy because they make their fans obsessed with them and by now, after all of my preceding explanation,  you should understand why obsession is harmful. Yes, it's also the fault of the fans that they get themselves to become obsessed with the stars, but when the stars decided to follow the stardom route, many have one thing in mind: to seduce  and make as many people like them as possible because the more popular they are the better as their income depends on their popularity.  So consciously or unconsciously, many stars wanted to make people like them, and this admiration sometimes go too far to become obsession.  Everyone wants fame and fortune, so I am not blaming the stars, but I hope they use their fame and fortune to benefit society and actively discouraging obsessive and destructive behaviors from their fans. 

From the karma perspective, stars are lonely and unhappy in their relationships because they cause obsession in fans, which in turn cause the obsessed fans to be lonely.  They get what they sown.  Obsession can result in Loneliness because it affects the person's relationships with the self and with others. With the self, obsession of a star distorts one's definition of what is "ideal".  With others, a person who is  obsessed with a star may not take interest in potential mates because no one can match up to the star.  What about those of you who argue with your boyfriends because of their opposition to your obsession?  And how many of you who protest against your parents when they oppose to your habit of spending too much on the things of your favorite stars?  That causes damage to your "real" relationships that really important to you.  Was it worth it to let your love for someone who you do not know and who do not care for you to damage the love of those around you who loves, support, and care for you?

Some can even go so far and create disastrous troubles for themselves.  For example the Andy Lau fan who sold her house to have money to attend his concert! 

And I think Leon should feel very guilty after the death of one of his fans who incurred huge debts as a result of her trying to collect everything about him and attending every one of his functions.  When she died, she even left a note telling her parents to  bury Leon's souvenirs with her body.  This girl's action is just too wrong and she never realized her wrongdoings because even after she died she still wanted to have something of Leon to be with her.  How would you feel if this girl was your child or sibling?  Terribly heart-broken...

I know Leon did not mean for this to happen, but he knows that when he becomes a superstar with such handsome looks, he'd make lots of girls crazy about him.  What's been done cannot be undone.  But now, stars should learn from these unfortunate incidents and frequently discourage their fans from such destructive compulsive obsession.  Don't wait until mishaps happen before you do it out of regret.  Do it now...tell your fans often that you do not like them to engage in obsessive behaviors. 

I like it when Aaron said one time in a news report, "Don't give me flowers.  Take the money and donate it to my charity foundation instead."  Now, I'd like to hear him saying "I love my fans, but I hope they don't spend too much money and time on me, or let their love for me interfere with their relationships.  Aaron Kwok will not like such fans." 

I am waiting to hear this from you, Aaron!





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